Description of the painting by Kazimir Malevich "The Reaper"

Description of the painting by Kazimir Malevich

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1920s, Moscow Museum of Modern Art

The painting was the result of a creative change in the artistic consciousness of the painter. The reaper depicted on the canvas is a male portrait embodied in a new vision from a large collection of “working” portraits of Malevich. In the catalogs of the artist’s work, the work is accompanied by a note - “1909 motive”. Probably, then the painter depicted the character in a different style and appearance. Over the years, the futurist has transformed into an ideologist of a new artistic direction - supermatism. Evolution has spilled over into new forms of painting, to which witness is the painting “The Reaper”.

The public appears an unusual human figure in full growth. A man holds a sickle in his hand, he goes directly to the viewer - his foot open in a step is clearly visible.

The character looks like a structure assembled from geometric figures - a clear tribute to the new art. Malevich created an iconic picture in a new, unusual style, but the plot and drawing of the details make it possible to perceive the image as a portrait - albeit a strange one, executed in an original manner.

The general tone of the picture is conveyed by the usual rural landscape - the reaper confidently strides across the field, a little further, in depth - the figure of a woman, probably a reaper. Each object, including nature, is depicted in clear geometric lines - not a single dash of the canvas deviates from the drawing in a new style.

The reaper's legs make up conical structures: the upper cones are directed by the vertices to the lower parts - harem pants tucked into boots are depicted.

A yellowish shirt (rectangles, rounded triangles, trapezoid) is cast with a metallic sheen. The face is an oval, divided in half, a grayish color highlights the "beard". Facial features are not drawn - outlined, the hands look the same.

In the distance - a female figure in the same design, but already in color. The face is simply indicated by a bright spot, a sickle is guessed in the hand. The field is geometrically clearly divided into light and dark green lines, in the distance a dark strip passes into the blue-blue sky.

The high skill of the artist is surprising - a picture literally “constructed” on a flat canvas is perceived as spatial, full of air and space, a picture from rural life.

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