Description of the painting by Nicholas Roerich “The Himalayas. Pink mountains "

Description of the painting by Nicholas Roerich “The Himalayas. Pink mountains

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The painting belongs to the mature work of the great Russian artist Nikolai Konstantinovich Roerich. Being a man with diverse interests, the master traveled a lot around the world, studied philosophy and religion. One place he liked the most. This place has become a colorful India. Roerich lived there for many years until his death. During the time that he spent in that exotic country, the artist managed to write a series of works dedicated to India.

Most of all, the mountains attracted the creator. Rocky ridges, high peaks directed towards the boundless sky. The canvas depicts the Himalayas - one of the most beautiful mountains on the planet. Millions admire them, but only Roerich managed to embody this admiration on canvas.

It seems that the artist was in the open air. One can imagine that for several days he climbed the highest mountain and all the time was looking for a suitable view. Found! Staying on a stable surface, the artist began to create.

This work is visually divided into three parts. The upper part is the sky. Roerich depicts an almost monotonous firmament. There are no clouds, no stars. A solid idyll. The lowest part is clouds or fog. The mountain range cuts through this lilac surface. He bursts into the picture, breaking the sky into two parts.

The mountains are dangerous and cold. Although the title of the work indicates that the mountains are pink, looking at them, you do not feel the heat. This combination of smooth and sharp, broken lines makes the mountains voluminous, makes them stand out, go beyond the canvas. These snow-covered giants are eye-catching.

Looking at this work, peace comes. These mountains have stood in their place for many millions of years. They are motionless. Even the sky froze around them. Nothing can disturb these silent witnesses of the creation of the world. The color scheme of the work is cold. But these colors do not repel and do not create a feeling of frost, anxiety.

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