Description of the painting by Alexey Korzukhin “Separation” (1872)

Description of the painting by Alexey Korzukhin “Separation” (1872)

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The work of A. Korzukhin is devoted to genre everyday painting, he usually chose motives for paintings in everyday life, which he contemplated and described, expressing sympathy for his heroes. The canvas is made in serene peaceful tones corresponding to the selected plot. On canvas, the artist shows the landlord family in a home setting. They escort their son, a teenager, who came from the cadet corps for the holidays.

To the left, in the foreground, is a mother sitting on a chair with her pretty adult son sitting on her lap, dressed in a military uniform and ready to leave. A woman is worried about the upcoming separation. However, she knows that this is necessary, but she wants to extend the moments of separation, and she uses them for the last briefing. The artist remarkably portrayed this action with the help of an alarming facial expression and a gesture of a hand with an extended index finger. The boy, on the contrary, does not look at his mother, looking away, he is already mentally out of the house. The author shows the characters of his characters through the nuances of color, accuracy of details.

The artist is accurate in depicting elements of clothing and furnishings. The woman is dressed in a home dress with ruffles in red and gray stripes, her head is covered with a black openwork scarf, in her hand she holds a snow-white handkerchief, with which she wiped away tears that accidentally wound up. The boy is dressed in a long dark coat with red uniform tabs in his buttonholes, a yellow scarf, skipped under shoulder straps, crossed on his chest. In his hands he holds his headdress. Behind the chair there is also an elderly woman, already dressed in a road and with a travel bag, ready to accompany the young man to the place of study.

Opposite this group of characters is sitting on the couch, lounging, cross-legged, father holding a watch in his hand on a chain, reminding of time. He is also dressed in an unbuttoned uniform coat with red buttonholes, shoulder straps and stripes on his trousers. With his other hand he rests on the sofa, and his face expresses anxiety and concern. The artist carefully wrote out all the details of the situation: a table with a snow-white tablecloth set for tea, portraits on the wall, a chair with an unread newspaper and a father's cane. The picture conveys the family scene in the house, where people realize a sense of duty, sending their only son to serve.

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