Description of the painting by Alexei Venetsianov “Beet peeling”

Description of the painting by Alexei Venetsianov “Beet peeling”

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Alexey Gavrilovich Venetsianov became famous primarily as the author of genre paintings, which brought him fame. The Venetian clan originates from immigrants from Greece. The family of the future artist traded seedlings and bulbs of tulips, but also paintings for sale were present in their shop. Probably, for the first time, young Alexei became interested in painting precisely because of the availability of these works in direct access. Venetsianov praised peasant labor with his paintings and showed the physical and moral beauty of Russian peasants. Portraits of the artist were also successful with contemporaries.

The picture The Beet Shine, like many other works of the author, tells the viewer about the importance of labor, about the importance of familiar everyday tasks. In fact, before us is a group portrait of peasants. The work was done by pastel on parchment - this technique gives the canvas the necessary softness, tenderness and picturesqueness. This work of Venetsianov opened a new chapter in the history of Russian fine art - Alexey Gavrilovich was the first to take genre paintings seriously, performing them in detail and portraiture.

In the center of the picture is a young peasant girl, pretty, barefoot, a little tired of hard work. She interrupted her work for a while - probably the guy leaning towards her reported some unpleasant news. In the right corner are two more girls and a teenager, in the background is a child with a bowl of food. Almost the entire space of parchment is filled with human figures, and only in the gaps between them is there a conditional landscape background. The emperor paid the artist a record sum for those times for a beet harvest - a thousand rubles. The painting was immediately placed in the Diamond Room of the Winter Palace.

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