Description of Frans Sneijders' Fruit Shop

Description of Frans Sneijders' Fruit Shop

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This still-life “Fruit Shop” by the Flemish painter Frans Sneijders “Fruit Shop” is one of the most valuable reproductions of the State Hermitage of Russia. This picture is one of 4 works of the series called “Shops”. There is a tradition that her order is one bishop to decorate the dining room in the palace. At that time, paintings on such subjects were in great demand and popularity.

In the still life of this author, all the fruits are depicted in large sizes and completely cover the entire space of the canvas. The author created his masterpiece as something solid. Here, each item creates an overall picture. The painter used bright and saturated colors. To give the picture significance.

On the canvas is the mistress of the shop and a wealthy customer. A dog runs nearby, and one monkey even tried to climb into a fruit basket and knocked it over.

The dynamics of the plot is visible. A small dog barks, the second tries to run away and avoid punishment. It is clearly seen that the seller and the buyer are talking. In the picture, everything is not only built dynamically, but also rhythmically, plastic and bright.

The author showed the fertility and splendor of his native land, its generosity and simplicity.

What you will not find in a fruit shop! There are peaches, figs, apples, quinces, blackberries and much more. The counters are full of watermelons, plums, lemons. First, the gaze rests on the overturned basket, but soon interest in it is lost and again I want to admire the juicy fruits, enjoy their unsurpassed aroma. Probably, the author’s goal was to arouse the appetite of the viewer.

People, animals, nature - all this the artist could convey with incredible simplicity and ease. No wonder his paintings were very popular and quickly sold. There was no end to orders.

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