Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Stream in a birch forest”

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Stream in a birch forest”

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The artist Ivan Shishkin we know mainly from his wonderful forest landscapes. While still a student, Ivan diligently wrote sketches from life on Valaam and in the suburbs of St. Petersburg. The direction of painting, chosen in his youth, became his calling card for many years. It is considered the most powerful painter among Russian landscape painters. Perhaps no one as carefully as he painted individual trees, small bushes, and even grass in his paintings. Thanks to this manner of painting, the accuracy of the image of landscapes in Shishkin’s paintings actually comes to photographic.

The picture of a stream in a birch forest depicts a rather rare genre scene for the artist - naturally, again in the scenery of the forest. Two female figures move away from the viewer along a forest path running along a stream covered with green mud. Tall birch trees that go straight into the sky silently rise on both sides of the stream, like sentries.

Each painted tree is unique, as is always the case with Shishkin, each has its own unique natural curves. The whole picture is saturated with sunlight; penetrating through the branches of trees, he warms and green grass, and trampled road, and travelers. Sun glare on white birch trunks - the lightest spots of the picture; in general, its color is rather dark, which creates a feeling of privacy and security.

A wooden bridge connecting two banks is thrown over the stream; the greenish water was written out expertly, and the reflections of the trees in it seem real. Far ahead, the trees part and the viewer can finally see the glade flooded by the sun. Obviously, that is where the girls strive; the symbolic path to light through the shadow is the motive behind the picture.

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