Description of Vincent Van Gogh's painting “Backyard”

Description of Vincent Van Gogh's painting “Backyard”

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One of the earliest paintings by the Dutch master paints us with difficult living conditions and living conditions for the poor peasantry.

It is known that Vincent was extremely lacking in art education, which is why the artist suffered greatly and constantly. Trying to master the elementary painting techniques on his own, the master (then still an amateur) faced incredible difficulties. He was not "given" people in any way; he depicted an ordinary human figure with great hardships, intolerable bitterness. And this is often seen in his works - people come out quite static, in particular in this picture.

However, despite the statics, one can easily see what the poor peasants, living somewhere on the outskirts of the city, behind rich and elite mansions, in slums, in cold and dark wooden sheds, are doing. These are the simple actions of the working people: cleaning, washing, hanging clothes, plowing (the figure in the far right) and many others.

In all these works, a close relationship with the earth is traced, female figures look strong and confident. And this is not surprising, because the land is their bread, they are happy that they have small plots for agricultural work and simple (although in fact not at all simple) domestic works. And for them the “backyard” living conditions depicted in the picture are not terrible, for residents and owners of fashionable dwellings that might seem unbearable.

The canvas is completely devoid of any fictitious or abstract images, it is whole and realistic. The structure, coupled with the color scheme, is harmonious and only emphasizes the realities of peasant backyards. Van Gogh respected the poor as people, as a class, and appreciated their work, and this picture, monumental, despite the size and uniformity of the plot, clearly reflects this respectful attitude.

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