Description of the painting by Orest Kiprensky “Young Gardener”

Description of the painting by Orest Kiprensky “Young Gardener”

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Orest Adamovich Kiprensky is a debutant of romantic studies of Russian painting and a great portrait painter. Constantly in creative search, he dreamed of writing large-scale works based on historical and mythical stories. His technique and style was compared with Rubens, sometimes even taking the work of Kiprensky for the works of the Flemish artist.

Contemporaries called him Russian Van Dyck. The greatest success brought him portraits. The works in this genre of drawing were really amazing and uniquely beautiful, bringing satisfaction and reassurance to the “rebellious soul” and the artist himself.

He was always attracted to the topic of writing a person. Inspired by an attempt to penetrate and reveal the secret of someone else's life. At a certain moment, the portrait becomes the central direction in the work of O. Kiprensky. He first begins to develop a portrait composition in which the social belonging of the model loses its original meaning. The artist puts forward in the first place interest in the personality of a person, his values ​​in himself.

One of the famous portraits of O. Kiprensky is The Young Gardener or The Italian Gardener, which he painted in 1817. The creation of the painting coincided with the artist’s stay in Italy. At that time it was a country of eternal beauty, poetry and harmony with nature. All these characteristics are reflected in such a direction of Italian painting as the "Italian genre." Orest Adamovich, studying the work of Italian artists, perfectly reflected in this picture the first attempt to work in this style. O. Kiprensky managed to avoid blind imitation and bring his own, personal. He discovered Italians Russia and was honored to receive a private order from the Uffizi Gallery.

Adorable cute boy, whose pose is full of peaceful apathy. The latter reflects a complex compositional technique new to the artist, based on a circle. The gardener's gaze is fixed on space, scattered and indifferent. Hand-pressed flowers and a small stream of water spurting from stone bring serenity and peace. There are new coloristic effects, engraving, the finest "enamel" study, which gives the skin smoothness and radiance. The image of a young gardener breathes joy and innocence.

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