Description of the painting by Nikolai Bogdanov-Belsky “At the door of the school”

Description of the painting by Nikolai Bogdanov-Belsky “At the door of the school”

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Autobiographical work by N. Bogdanov-Belsky “At the door of the school” draws attention to the early period of the life of the Wanderer. Like most artists depicting the specifics and character of peasant life, Bogdanov-Belsky knew firsthand about the popular environment.

He was born in the family of a poor peasant and received the basics of painting and drawing in an icon painting school. Then he studied in Moscow, Petersburg, Paris. He created a series of famous paintings about the school, where the main characters are village children.

Among his famous school subjects is the painting "At the door of the school." The narration is from the author himself. Perhaps the artist, being the son of a farm laborer, was once afraid of the impossibility of going to school.

School items and accessories say that this is a school class. Children are sitting at their desks, and a card is hanging on the wall, a board is visible. Poor shaggy clothes of a boy standing in front of the door tell about his origin.

The head, apparently, was covered with a cap, but at the entrance to the temple of enlightenment, the boy took it off. The boy's pose betrays his interest in knowledge, in the atmosphere of the school, but leaning on a stick and clutching a hat, we see that he is worried, afraid to enter.

The viewer hopes that the character will enter the class and continue his path to knowledge, as the artist succeeded, who dedicated the work in 1987 to the Rachinsky National School.

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