Description of the painting by Gustav Klimt “Lady with a Fan”

Description of the painting by Gustav Klimt “Lady with a Fan”

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Gustav Klimt had the gift of a painter from birth, however, he did not rely solely on originality, and honed his art at the School of Decorative Arts, in Vienna. For a long time, his canvases were created in the usual, academic manner, without betraying the artist's true craving for vivid, fantastic images and colors.

At the end of the 18th century, a series of tragedies occurred in the fate of the painter - his father died, his brother died, and in 1915 Gustav lost his mother. This shock was immediately reflected in his paintings - gloomy colors, dull plots ...

The meeting with Emilia Flege was not only a salvation for Klimt, but also turned his whole work upside down. Paintings appeared, glowing with love, feminine beauty and charm, sensuality and eroticism.

It was such a picture that “Lady with a Fan”, written in 1917-1918, became. The lady is the ideal of a woman who could awaken inspiration, attraction, and anxious desires in Klimt itself.

Graceful noble curves of the body, sophisticated elegance, wisdom and detachment, showing only in a barely noticeable smile. The body, naked kimono slipped, as if showing the liberated, half-naked soul of the earth goddess. And she does not notice this nakedness, she has nothing to fear, she does not feel sorry for anything, she does not want to hide anything.

The fan that covers the chest holds a relaxed hand. The lady is beautiful ... and she is not here. Maybe a woman in her memories, or maybe in her dreams and fantasies that are magical. Maybe it was these dreams that Klimt displayed on a bizarre backdrop.

Incredible flowers, unprecedented flowers - this is the world where the bewitching beauty is now.

Not a single frank touch, not a single bold moment, only feminine grace, dignity and beauty, but what eroticism, desire, what attraction the whole canvas breathes.

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