Description of Ivan Bilibin's illustration for the tale "Ivan Tsarevich and the Heat of the Bird"

Description of Ivan Bilibin's illustration for the tale

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Before us is an illustration for the famous fairy tale. Bilibin is a true master who managed to convey the special beauty of this amazing genre. Tales allow us to plunge into a world full of wonders. There is grass in it. Animals and birds can talk. A person understands them perfectly.

The firebird is true magic. No bird can compare with such a heroine. Her feathers strike with bizarre reflections. The pen can hold heat incredibly long. When it goes out, it becomes real gold. Firebird stands guard over a fern flower. She likes rejuvenating apples, and then luxurious pearls sprinkle from her beak.

Ivan Tsarevich manages to watch this magic bird. But still I can’t catch her. The hero has only a feather, which he pulled out of her tail.

The tale is extremely complex in terms of plot. There are a lot of characters in it. When the artist started to work, he clearly realized that there should be no independence. Everything should be exactly as in the tale itself.

The painter manages to make tangible images and important ideas. As a result, we better understand what is said in this tale. Viewers manage to imagine how the heroes lived before, what they preferred, how they dressed.

Bilibin specially made sketches at one of the remote villages. They were useful to him in the work on illustrations for this book. Forest wilds are depicted incredibly poetic. We feel that the painter admires aspen, pine, birch. He is attracted to the secret that is hidden in them.

Bilibin specially studied ancient miniatures. That is why he accurately depicts the outfit of Ivan Tsarevich. Byzantine motifs are woven into the ornaments. By this, the artist sought to emphasize that the hero belongs to a certain genus.

Bilibin's books are a real miracle. It is no coincidence that his illustrations are so popular with viewers of every era.

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