Description of the painting Vasily Surikov "Surikov’s House in Krasnoyarsk"

Description of the painting Vasily Surikov

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The painting "Surikov’s House in Krasnoyarsk" was painted by Vasily Ivanovich Surikov in 1890. The style of the work can be attributed to realism, the genre of performance - to the urban landscape. Materials for writing the picture were pencil, watercolor, paper. The dimensions of the canvas are only 24.5 by 33 centimeters.

Almost the entire area of ​​the picture is occupied by the image of a two-story wooden house with many windows, in front of which stands a small man in simple blue clothes.

There are a lot of so-called “air” in the picture, that is, free space, light spots. This creates a feeling of freedom and lightness, so the already small canvas is not overloaded. The foreground and foreground are not given much importance, all attention is left, in fact, for the house itself, which, we can say, is the main character of this picture.

Surikov lived in the capital for more than half his life, however, it was this Krasnoyarsk wooden house that remained in his memory as his own. Who knows, maybe it happened because it was more comfortable there than in all subsequent dwellings of the artist, maybe because some especially vivid childhood memories are associated with this house. Be that as it may, “Home” was written with great tenderness and love.

The building was built of larch, the creator of it was the father of Vasily Surikov. During the construction, interestingly, no nails were used at all. Currently, there is a museum. But let us return, in fact, to the picture.

Near the house is a man. Who is this man whom Surikov portrayed standing, leaning on the wall of the house? It can be assumed that the artist painted himself. His affection for this house was so great that he forever captured his image next to him.

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