Description of the painting by Konstantin Yuon “Winter. Rostov the Great

Description of the painting by Konstantin Yuon “Winter. Rostov the Great

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K.F. Yuon is a vivid representative of impressionism, he loved the city of Rostov-on-Don and often painted it. The painting was painted in 1906. A difficult time for Russia, revolutionary ideas spread among the population, and attempts to implement these ideas were constantly made.

The artist reflected the power of the Russian city, both from an architectural point of view, and from a spiritual one. Large and modern buildings blend with wonderful temples. The poppies of the churches are both gilded and of heavenly color. There is a combination of different cultures and eras. Gold domes are typical for Russia, heavenly poppies are quite rare. One can also see a tower reminiscent of European style in architecture.

The picture shows a lot of people. An amazing mixture of classes and representatives of various social classes. In the endless stream of sledges, one can see luxurious painted sledges drawn by thoroughbred bay trees and poor wagons that pull skinny nags. All people tend, most likely, to the temple.

Such a procession is possible only on a big religious holiday. The canvas depicts a lot of people and storylines, the variety of work is simply amazing. Such a picture can be considered forever, finding new scenes from life. People are not just depicted as giving the picture mass character. Each person is busy with a certain business.

An endless series of sleds goes deep into the city and it seems that the flow of people will never end. Both adults and children mixed in and, despite the frosty weather, everyone is eager to get into the service. The artist very accurately conveys the greatness of the city and the spirituality of the Russian people. Large buildings speak of the reliability of walls and safety, and the flow of people determines the need of the city, the need for its buildings. The Russian people, in spite of everything, honor their traditions.

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